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Second Workshop on Scientific Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Evaluation, February 2010.

Second in a planned series of workshops. Additional details inside.

When Feb 04, 2010 12:00 PM to
Feb 06, 2010 12:00 PM
Where Ovronnaz, Switzerland
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...The workshop successfully finished, please refer to the LiquidPub Wiki Workshop page for more information (notes, participants, ...) ...

The world of scientific publications has been largely oblivious to the advent of the Web and to advances in ICT. Scientific knowledge dissemination is still based on the traditional notion of a paper publication and on as quality assessment by peer review. The current approach encourages authors to write multiple, incremental papers to get more tokens of credit, generating unnecessary dissemination overhead for themselves and for the community of reviewers. Furthermore, this approach does not encourage or support reuse and evolution of publications. Any small progress on a subject requires that a new paper be written, reviewed, and published, often many months later.

The inefficiency and limitations of the current research dissemination model and its lack of scalability are widely acknowledged. However, solutions to these crucial issues are still missing.

The Second Workshop on Scientific Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Evaluation (the LiquidPub Snow Workshop) aims at studying how the scientific community can improve knowledge dissemination while reducing dissemination and reviewing overhead, encouraging releases of early results, and ensuring a rating process that is as fair and effective as possible. The workshop is sponsored by the Liquid Publications project, and is meant to be the first of a series of interdisciplinary workshops on this topic. Registration is free, but you are expected to pay for the stay in the chalet (Please DO NOT reserve separately as we reserved the rooms with special offer already).

The second Workshop will be held in Ovronnaz, a ski and thermal spa resort near Fribourg, Switzerland from 4 to 6 February 2010.

Workshop Structure

The workshop is interdisciplinary and includes communities ranging from computer science to physics, philosophy, economics, and scientific publishing.  Its structure is very informal: it is meant to be a venue for discussions. Presentations will be kept to a minimum and will show current results produced by the LiquidPub project. There will be no pre-workshop proceedings and all material will be made available online.

Workshop Schedule

We suggest that you arrive to Fribourg on the 3d, spend a night there, and then we arrange a transfer to Ovronnaz on the 4th

Thursday, 4 February:
  • Morning:  Transfer to Ovronnaz
  • 12:00-14:00 Lunch
  • Afternoon: Free chatting or skiing or spa
  • 17:00-17:30 Welcome Apéritif 
  • 17:30-19:00 - presentation about LiquidPub: overall goals, results, use cases
  • 19:00-20:30 Dinner
  • 21:00-... Demo/video of tools and then informal discussions

Friday, 5 February:

  • Morning dedicated to three panels running in parallel
  • 9:00-11:00 statements and discussion (3-7 min statements are required from all participants external to the LiquidPub project - message on the topic. Better printed, since presentation facilities are not available, but you can present from your laptop without projector, since groups will be 10-12 people)
  • 11:00-11:30 break (reporters finalize report)
  • 11:30-12:30 - Recap: summary about three panels (in one room)
  • 12:30-13:30 Lunch
  • Afternoon: free chatting or skiing or spa
  • 17:00-19:00 collaborative sessions (participation is optional)
  • 19:00-20:30 Dinner
  • 21:00 Informal discussions

Saturday, 6 February:

  • 9:00-12:00 Feedback from the Advisory Board. Open to everyone.
       - how LiquidPub addressed year 1 comments
       - suggestions for improvements
  • 12:00 Leaving or skiing

Topics and Panels

The list of topics and panels is being prepared at the LiquidPub Wiki Workshop page.


The Second LiquidPub Snow Workshop will be held in the Ovronnaz, a ski and thermal spa resort near Fribourg, Switzerland at the Thermalp. The workshop discussions will be held mornings and evenings leaving time for skiing during the afternoon (thus, the Snow Workshop). The Swiss Alps in winter are a great place for skiing, if that is among your passions. The resort where the workshop will be held also provides a Spa-Wellness Center, including hot springs, thermal swimming pools indoor and outdoor, as well as a broad offer of care in the field of the wellness and the wellbeing. Please bring some winter clothes and feel free to bring ski equipment if you want. Skis can also be rented locally.

We already booked rooms for participants, so you just need to tell us when you come and pay for your stay (around 285 euros per TWO nights per person, full board, drinks not included, extra nights (from 6th) will be cheaper, please let us know if you'd like to extend your stay).

Please consult the LiquidPub Wiki Worshop page for directions to Ovronnaz.


The first workshop includes participation from the main communities in computer science (as represented by the advisory board of the LiquidPub Project) as well as publishers, philosophers, physicists, economists, foundations, and government. Attendance is by invitation only, both to keep it manageable and to maintain its informal, discussion-oriented nature.

The tentative list of participants is available at the LiquidPub Wiki Workshop page.

Contact Information

For workshop arrangements and questions, please contact Aliaksandr Birukou at birukou [at]

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