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: Modeling and managing the lifecycle of web artifacts
In a nutshell:
Manage the lifecycle of any artifact identifyiable by an URI
Define a quality plan, and change it as you go! Execute and drive your quality plan in a collaborative environment
  • Share, update, publish your documents in Google Docs, Mediawiki, SVN and other well known systems from a single place.
  • We automate the operation on your documents for you.
  • Define templates and use and reuse them with different types of documents.
  • Define deadlines, responsibles, and actions to be executed at each phase in the lifecycle
  • Take the lifecycles models and templates shared and adapt them to your needs. All the changes are versioned.
  • Share your lifecycles and templates with other users and groups
  • Monitor the progress of the lifecycle and the activities assigned to others
  • Drive your own lifecycle. Decide what to do at any time!
  • Change your lifecycle as you go!
Current Status:
  • Gelee is work in progress within the LiquidPub Project
  • We are currently working on the integration with the Resource Space Management System (ResMan), which lies at the bottom of the LiquidPub architecture, to provide Universal access to resources available in the web. Because of this, action execution functionalities are currently not available
  • For news about the advance of the project, follow us in twitter
  • You can find us also at launchpad, where we are moving the project to make it fully open source

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