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Welcome to the LiquidPub KARAKU

What is KARAKU?

KARAKU is a RESTful Web Services interface that forms the LiquidPub platform core services. Karaku offers a simplified and extensible browsing interface to interact with scientific entities (e.g. papers as contributions, journals as collections) and topic oriented communities (e.g. "Software Engineering Community"

Karaku Overview

The basic REST interface of KARAKU, provides CRUD operations over a simplified and extensible abstraction model of scientific research space based on four basic entities: Scientific Contributions (such as papers), People, Collections (such as journals) and Events (such as conferences).

Communities capture relationships among these entities. They are defined by a topic which can be more or less narrow (such as computer science, databases, or query processing) and membership is typically a fuzzy and dynamic concept. Communities can be defined but we assume they can also be discovered by analyzing various networks of relationships among people, contributions, and the like (some details on this are given in the architecture section later in the document). Each entity can belong to multiple communities, so communities can overlap.

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What's the meaning of Karaku?

Karaku is a Guaraní word traditionally used to refer to the core of an issue.