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Research Areas

Welcome to Liquid Pub project! If you are interested in what we have done so far in the project, what we are doing now and what will be available in the near future you are in the right place! You can browse our research lines to have an idea of the different Liquid Pub dimensions, look at our videos, docs or presentations to get an idea of the Liquid Pub world.

LB-logo Liquid Book: come to see our new vision of books! Discover how knowledge can be created and disseminated in the Internet era and how to create books tailored for the needs of prospective readers.

Liquid Journal Liquid Journal: the new frontiers of journals in the Web 2.0. Liquid Journals go beyond the traditional journal vision, proposing a new way of collecting, selecting and sharing scientific contributions with and within the Liquid Pub community. 

Liquid Conference icon Liquid Conferences: a platform for organizing interdisciplinary conferences where invited papers are presented for community discourse.

Research Eval Research evaluation: how to assess the impact and the productivity of researchers in the Internet era? Here, we tackle the problem from different angles, starting from how to improve traditional assessment process, like peer review, to new assessment methods exploiting the power of community.

Community-ImgScientific Community: Discovering and analysis of scientific communities could be useful in both the assessment and research process. Indeed, metrics to evaluate researchers (or contributions) can be normalized with respect to the community and then the impact of a researcher on one or more communities can be evaluated. Searching contributions through communities could also be useful to find interesting contents coming from different communities. 

SKO icoScientific Knowledge Objects (SKO): how to represent artifacts (e.g. documents, images, datasets) in the LiquidPub world, their evolution, reusability and composability.

  Lifecycle Management Management Systems: Take a look at Charms, a tool for helping specify and carry out the rules for managing research work, and Gelee, a tool for managing the lifecycle of scientific artifacts and for capturing and tracing the evolution of liquid publications.

Scientific Services icon Services in the scientific publishing industry: see the evolution of the scientific publishing industry and gather information on how the LP project might affect it.

Community-ImgLicensing and copyright: how to manage (and exploit) the various legal protections and freedoms relating to scientific publishing, data and discourse.

The areas of research below describe the research carried out not within the LiquidPub project, but fit the spirit of the project and performed in collaboration with LiquidPub

 Liquid Benchmarks: new infrastructure for collaborative construction and sharing of independent, comprehensive and continuously evolving benchmarks (standard datasets) for any research aspect in the Computer Science field.