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Welcome to ResMan!

The Resource Space Management module provides seamless access to heterogeneous services. Services in this context refers to services we can access through a REST/SOAP service calls, reconstructing HTTP calls (i.e., no web service is provided), application layer protocols, p2p client implementation, etc.

ResMan Overview

The basic REST interface of ResMan, provides CRUD operations over the configuration for Resources, Adapters and Actions, being each of these, the basic building blocks to enable the seamless access to different kinds of resources (such as Google Documents or Wikipedia Articles) and perform actions over them using adapters. ResMan combined with Karaku form the domain specific Scientific Resource Space Management System, a middleware to access scientific web resources through a common and uniform model and API. To read more about the Resman Components, Click here.


The following are links to the lists of resources, adapters, action, etc. that will give some insights about how the systems responds to HTTP Calls. For each of these entities, the caller can also specify a single id to get a specific instance from the listings provided by these links.

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